TJ-920 2.4G Keyboard and Mouse Suit Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – Black Arabic

550.00 Name MIUMINO

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roduct description:The TJ-920 2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse is a durable, efficient combination designed to enhance your computing experience. With this combination, you can own, enter and navigate without the hassle of wires. If you want to keep it easy, this combo suit is perfect for you. The keyboard has a traditional layout and no learning curve, so you can use it comfortably on the first day. Simply plug in the USB receiver and enjoy a strong connection between your laptop and your wireless mouse and keyboard. Main feature types: 1, keyboard and mouse language: Arabic connection; 2, wireless compatibility: PC and laptop Logitech keyboard efficient wireless device long battery life makes the combination of wireless keyboard and mouse become a must. 3. The keyboard can run for 36 months using the supplied battery, while the mouse can run for 12 months. Both are user-friendly and can simplify everything you need, including reading emails, browsing spreadsheets or scrolling through Facebook posts. The TJ-920 keyboard design has a rugged keyboard structure that ensures it will last a long time. It has a splash-proof design and anti-fade treatment to help maintain its appearance for many years. Sturdy tilting legs provide extra support. The TJ-920 keyboard SIMPLE TO SETUP simply plugs the micro USB receiver into the laptop’s USB port and uses the keyboard and mouse. The combination uses advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology to provide reliable connectivity up to 10 meters.